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Our attorney and former Florida prosecutor, Christian Van Riper, is experienced in representing defendants charged with violation of probation (VOP) offenses in St. Lucie County.

When you are placed on probation, you are told of the rules you must follow, or abide by, while you are on probation. If you violate the conditions by intentionally or materially violating the rules, your probation could be violated. A probation officer will complete an affidavit requesting the judge to sign a warrant for your arrest. Thereafter, you may be kept in jail pending the results of a violation or bond hearing.

Violations of probation proceedings are different from other criminal proceedings. Most important is that the burden of proof is "preponderance of the evidence" and not "beyond a reasonable doubt" as it is during a criminal trial.  Further, in a VOP hearing, the judge will hear your case, not a jury.

If you are found guilty of violating the terms, or rules, of your probation, a judge can sentence you to the maximum penalty you faced before being placed on probation, including prison or jail. It is critical that you have an experienced criminal attorney represent you at your violation of probation hearing.

Our attorneys, Christian Van Riper, a former prosecutor and Department of Children & Families investigator, and Timothy Nies, a military veteran and former insurance company trial attorney, are experienced litigators. Our firm strives to provide professional, prompt efficient and economical legal services to each every client. We try all criminal defense cases as a powerful, and closely-knit, trial team.

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Palm Beach Criminal Defense and VOP: Van Riper & Nies Attorneys is a trial law firm in  Palm Beach County Florida. We are a military veteran-owned practice known for our personal attention and tireless preparation for each and every criminal defense case. VOP attorneys in West palm Beach, Florida.

Criminal Defense: The violation of probation and c
riminal defense attorneys at our Palm Beach County criminal defense law firm represents clients accused of violating the terms or their probation in West Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Palm Beach gardens and Riviera Beach along with all other cities in Palm Beach county, FL. Our experienced Florida criminal attorneys assist clients day and night who have been arrested by  West Palm Beach Police officers or the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in misdemeanor and felony cases, as well as violation of probation (VOP) cases. Van Riper and Nies: Palm Beach Injury Law.  Lawyers represent defendants in Palm Beach Gardens, FL in VOP.

Our criminal defense attorney, Christian Van Riper, is a former investigator with DCF and and prosecutor. Chris helps his Palm Beach clients arrested for VOP and other felonies and misdemeanors. Palm Beach County criminal defense VOP lawyers represent defendants in West Palm Beach, FL arrested for violating their probation.

Areas of Practice: Our criminal lawers in West Palm Beach, FL represent those accused of violating probation in Palm Beach Gardens FL. Our criminal attorneys represent defendnats charged with probation violation in Riviera Beach, FL. Palm Beach Gardens violation of probation. Van Riper and Nies Law: Stuart FL violation of probation defense.